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Angelz mindz!! | Stella's slice of the net | cheru | vivi's webspace | dollz | heavnstreet | fresiia | MacCe | ren's room~ | strawberry soy shake | sugarangel :3 | SUGOI SWEETS | sussuri | it's dot net!

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cute kawaii resources
fool lovers
bonnibel's graphic collection

Webrings & Cliques

aromatic // vanilla essence

This website is made by a girl!

Music Inspiration

In case you're interested.

index/home: peoria - airiel
about: memories of the past - oeil
blog: the garden - brothertiger
links: if it were a dream (꿈이었으면) - yun seok cheol (윤석철)
manga: runner's high - kirinji

Other sites

Sites that I think are neat and/or fit the vibe of early web.

Sunaho Tobe's Art
The website of the artist behind Puyo Puyon, Reveal Fantasia, Concerto Gate, and other various works.

A website that lets you clip through levels of various video games.

My 90's TV
A portal for the TV of yesteryear. Also includes versions from the 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, and 2000's.

Anatomy of a Mashup
A visualizer for a mashup of "Definitive Daft Punk".

Back-street Teahouse
Lemontea's art blog.

The Anime Fanlistings Network
Find and join your favorite anime fanlistings here!

The Old Net
Look up and relive websites from your youth!

The Geocities Gallery
An ongoing collection of old Geocities websites! (I'm still trying to find mine (>﹏<) )

Kaomoji Kuma
An amazing collection of kaomoji (Japanese emoticons made with text) ▴(。◕ ᴥ ◕。)▴

For all things tamagotchi/virtual pet.

lain game
I know you gen z like Lain - play the ps1 game, translated, on your browser, right now.