My name's Amy. I'm 33 years old. Sun sign is Scorpio, moon sign is Leo, rising sign is Virgo. My personality types are INTJ and 5w4. I don't really resonate with my personality types because frankly, I don't think I'm intelligent enough to be an INTJ or an enneagram type 5, so thank god those things don't actually matter.

the rest

I'm a web designer by profession, and I have had an interest in the internet since I was a pre-teen. I was on Geocities, Xanga, Angelfire, Homestead, Livejournal - you name it, I tinkered with it. I would make my own layouts, blogs, websites, shrines, etc. I lived through the heyday of early 2000's wild west internet, and it was awesome. I saw the 88x31 buttons form in real-time (and even made some of my own). I kick myself regularly, though, for not saving any of that stuff, so any references I make to that life long gone are formed by me desperately scratching at my withering mind, hoping for an inkling of actual truth, rather than fabricated reality.

So, what is this place for?

When I found out there was a group of people trying to revive the y2k internet scene and keep its memory alive, I knew I had to get in. Regularly do I lament about the fact that everyone online hangs out in the same handful of spaces, and regularly migrate to a different, yet similar space when one slightly goes under. It's all about the numbers and who is where (which I guess, makes sense, since these sites are referred to as "social" media). Any creativity and customization is gone, replaced with it a totally sanitzied version of the internet, and soon, with Web3, just more and more ways to milk every ounce of money the user has from their wallets. It's gross. It's boring.

Therefore, while this small group of (surprisingly young) folks is thriving and rekindling the wonder of late Web1 and early Web2, I will be happily joining in, washing away any of the conventions and rules I have to use in my day job to make this site fun, unique, and...just for me, honestly.


I have a dog named Shiro. He's a shiba inu and he's 8. He is quite spunky but also enjoys a nap or two throughout the day. He's my boyfriend's dog, but since living with him, I've come to have a newfound appreciation of dogs, and I think I like dogs as equally as cats (ok, not quite, but it's a lot closer than it used to be).

previous pets

  • Lali
  • April 11, 2003 - December 18, 2023
  • Adopted February 2011

things i'm into

  • anime/manga: a sign of affection, sailor moon/v, clamp, revolutionary girl utena, ao haru ride, arina tanemura, death note, yuru camp, astro note, niea_7, serial experiments lain, digimon, aria, yokohama kaidashi kikkou, the ice guy and the cool girl/his cool female colleague, tenchi muyo/universe/in tokyo, shin sekai yori/from the new world, haibane renmei
  • music: shoegaze, japanese rock, video game OSTs, kpop, electronic, city pop, funk, acid jazz, french house/disco, ambient, synthwave, chillwave, new age, drum and bass, jungle, broken beat
  • video games: atelier, stellar blade, final fantasy x, pokemon, zelda, hotel dusk/last window, animal crossing, love nikki, myst series, silent hill 2, who's lila, baldur's gate 3
  • movies: annihilation, vanilla sky, i love you man, pontypool, pride & prejudice (2005), lost in translation, the darjeeling limited, interstellar
  • television: hyori's bed and breakfast, the hills, gossip girl
  • hobbies: computers, y2k tech, moped rides, napping, discovering new places in nature, yoga, pilates, drawing, dance, collecting figures and video games, cats